Our mission

Audition Fox is an effort to break new ground in the Indian entertainment industry.

We are revolutionizing the casting / audition process — to streamline the workflow for Casting Directors and to give more control to artists and coordinators.

Why we exist

Audition Fox was born out of our research on the Indian entertainment industry.

As corporate analysts, we were interviewing TV / Film producers — trying to understand how their industry was shifting.  Interestingly, most discussions ended up on the subject of casting – and how it was unreasonably time consuming and painful.

Producers couldn’t find actors.  Actors couldn’t find jobs.  And in the middle of this chaotic circle, projects got delayed.  We needed a better way to cast talent.

This problem intrigued us to the extent that we decided to work on the problem full time.  After several months of analysis and design, Audition Fox came to life.

Today, Audition Fox is the preferred place for artists and coordinators to find the latest casting calls.  We continue to work towards empowering the stakeholders in Indian entertainment — and this is just our first step towards revolutionizing the casting process!

About our founder

Sainyum Gupta graduated from IIT Bombay (Electrical Engineering, B.Tech., M.Tech.) and completed his MBA at IIM Calcutta in 2009, following which he worked in a leading strategy consulting firm for 4 years.

He's keen to hear any ideas / feedback you may have — feel free to drop him a note at hello@auditionfox.com.