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General questions

Audition Fox helps artists, co-ordinators and talent agents find the latest castings in the industry.

Getting access to a casting is (more often than not) a matter of luck.  Even if you invest the time to build contacts in the industry — you can’t be sure if you’ll always get invited to auditions.  What you need is a way to be in the right place, in the right time — always!

That’s why you need Audition Fox.  We give you power to grow your contact base.

With Audition Fox, co-ordinators and talent agents can find every casting call in town.  Each casting has been personally uploaded by the project’s casting team.  You can browse through castings and submit your clients for any role.

When Casting Directors log on to our website they can view your clients' photos, videos and details in one convenient place.  They can send you messages to invite your client to auditions.  They can also save your clients’ profiles to remember them for future castings.  Audition Fox saves you time/effort and gives you the power to accelerate your business.

We accept castings across all major cities and towns in India.  Our registered office is located in Mumbai.

Audition Fox sources its listings directly from the casting teams behind each project.  Casting Directors speak with our office directly or upload castings via our website.

  1. TV / Video:  Scripted TV / Video shows, Reality shows, Documentaries, Music videos, Corporate videos, Internet videos
  2. Film:  Feature films, Short films, Student films
  3. Theatre:  Plays, Musicals
  4. Advertisement:  Plays, Musicals
  5. Modelling:  Print modelling, Fashion & Runway, Event modelling
  6. Performing arts:  Dancers, Choreographers, Singers, Musicians/Composers, Comedians, Stunts/Other skills
  7. Voiceovers
  8. Team / Crew:  Production team, Technical team, Writers, and more
  1. Create an account on Audition Fox and build your clients' profiles (upload photos, videos, etc.)
  2. Browse the list of new castings.  To apply for any role, click on the “Submit” button.
  3. Draft your submission (attach cover photo, videos and messages) and send it to the Casting team.
  4. Casting Directors can review your photos, videos, resume and profile (for every role you apply).
  5. Casting Directors can choose to shortlist your clients for a role.  They can message you on your Audition Fox account with details about audition date, times, dialogues, location, etc.

Getting started

  1. Click on Sign Up in the upper right corner of the Audition Fox home page.
  2. In the form that appears, enter your name, email ID, pin code and mobile number and click on the "Proceed" button.
  3. Per company policy, we may call you to verify a few details.  Once we have verified your details, you can access castings from your account.

Audition Fox is free. There are no charges for subscribing.

Only full-time professional co-ordinators and managers are allowed to sign up for an account.  Additionally, you need to have at least 7 clients to be eligible for this account. As a registered user, you will also be required to comply with a few additional policies:

  1. You cannot be listed as an actor on Audition Fox or its sister website Casting Fox
  2. You cannot post castings on Audition Fox

Please review our detailed Privacy policy and Terms of service for more details.

To submit a client for any role, it is mandatory for you to setup at least one headshot photo and a complete profile for the client.

Step 1:  Add a new client

  1. Log in to your personal home page and click on My clients.
  2. Click on the button called "Add new client".  On the page that appears, enter your client's details and click on "Add client".
  3. Your client's name will now appear on this page.

Step 2:  Upload photos

  1. On the same page as in Step 1.2 above, find your client and click on the "Edit" button below his / her name.
  2. Click on the "Photos" tab.
  3. Click on "Upload new photo" and upload your client's headshot photo from your computer.
  4. Mark your client's face for the photo’s thumbnail and click on the "Set thumbnail" button.
  5. You can use this photo for submissions after it has been approved by our office (which typically takes less than 24 hours).

Step 3:  Complete the profile

  1. On the same page as in Step 1.2 above, find your client and click on the "Edit" button below his / her name.
  2. Click on the "Profile" tab, fill in your client's profile details and click on "Update profile".

After you have completed the above steps, you are ready to submit your client for castings.  In addition to this, we also recommend that you complete your client's Resume and upload any Videos for the client.

To sign up for e-mail alerts go to Account    Reminders / Notifications and click on the check box next to “When new casting calls have roles fit for my clients”.  Your notifications will come to the Email ID in your contact details.

To change your password go to Account    Change password.  Enter your old password for verification along with your new password.

If you have forgotten your password, click here and enter your registered e-mail ID.  If you don’t remember your email, please contact our office at 7506757500.

Online profile page

By default, all online profiles will be publicly accessible (i.e. will show up in Google search results).  You can also choose to keep your online profile “Private” — in which case, only those who have the link to the profile will be able to see it  (i.e. your active profile will not be listed in Google search results).

To change these settings, go to My clients.  Click on the "Edit" button for your client and go to the "Profile" tab.  Scroll down to "Profile settings" to view / edit these settings.

To submit a client for any role, it is mandatory for you to setup at least one headshot photo and a complete profile for the client.  Your profile is tagged "incomplete" if these details are missing.

Per company policy, only photos which have been approved by our office can be viewed by Casting directors.  Any new photo you upload will be marked as “Pending approval” until our office can review it (which typically happens in less than a working day).

If your photo is still pending approval after 24 hours, please call our office at 7506757500.

Casting directors expect to see photos in a particular format called the “headshot”.  A headshot should clearly show your facial features and expressions should preferably be “neutral”.  Headshots should not be body-length photos and should not have distracting elements.

Your headshots should always reflect your latest image (e.g. if you have had your hairstyle changed, your headshot should be updated to reflect this).  Headshots should not be grainy or pixellated — we recommend you use a minimum size of 500 x 700 pixels or more.

You can use free applications like Microsoft Paint (for Windows) or Preview (for Mac) to resize images.  Free online tools like and can also resize images for you.

It is best to keep photo size above 500 x 700 pixels to maintain good image quality.

Submitting for castings

Click on Find casting calls on the top of this page to view the list of active castings.  Click on any casting to view more details about it.

To the right of the role description, click on the button called “Submit clients”.  In the window that appears:

  1. Select the clients you want to submit for this role.
  2. Select a cover photo for each client (preferably one that best matches the description of the character).
  3. (Optional) Attach videos / media with your submission (especially those performances that fit the role’s requirements).
  4. (Optional) Write any other information about the artist, to share with the Casting team.
  5. Click on the button called “Finish”

It is not possible to make edits to an existing submission.  In exceptional circumstances, you may contact our office for more assistance.

Keeping track of auditions

After you submit, your application is processed and sent to the Casting team’s online dashboard. Your client's photos, attached videos and message are displayed for the Casting team to review (along with the profile, resume and also the coordinator's contact details).

The Casting team uses this interface to make their shortlist for each role.  If your client is shortlisted for an audition you will receive an message in your Audition Fox mailbox from the Casting team.

You should always respond to audition invites (even if you want to decline the invitation).  You can respond by using the reply buttons at the bottom of the message.

The following are some best practices to improve your chances of being shortlisted for auditions:

  1. Choose roles smartly: Don’t submit for everything and everywhere.  Search for roles that fit your client's “look” and don’t waste time on roles that you know don’t fit your client's character type.
  2. Use professional headshots: In your photos, the actor should have a pleasantly neutral expression, should not wear distracting clothes and should not overdo their makeup.  Set up your photos’ thumbnails carefully – Casting directors often shortlist actors based on these thumbnails.
  3. Attach multiple 30-sec videos: Attach multiple 30-second show reels rather than long scenes.  Edit out any co-actors from your client's show reel.  Because your client's profile is already with the Casting Director, the actor doesn’t need to “slate” in the video.
  4. Submit for castings as soon as possible: There will be fewer applicants in the first few hours of a casting being published — which means your submission will likely get more focus from the Casting team.
  5. Work on your resume: A professional resume speaks for itself.  Keep your client's resume simple — for each of the past roles, just mention the project name / type, the role and the producer / creator's name.  Check out the sample resume for more ideas.

Managing your subscription

Log in to your home page and click on Account.  The Subscription panel on this page will give you a quick summary of your existing plan as well as other plans you may have booked in advance.

Log in to your home page and go to Account    Manage subscription.

To add additional client slots to your subscription, click on "Add client slots to my subscription".  If you wish to buy a new subscription, click on Buy new subscription, select your new plan and complete your payment.

Log in to your home page and go to Account    Manage subscription.  Click on “Add client slots to my subscription”.  Select the number of additional clients you need for your subscription.

Note that additional fees will be applicable based on your pricing plan.

To purchase your next subscription go to Account    Manage subscription    Buy new subscription and click on “Get this plan” under the plan you want.  Proceed to complete your payment.  You will be able to see your next subscription along with your current one on the Account page under the Subscription section.

Promo codes

Audition Fox occasionally distributes promo codes as part of seasonal promotions.  Promo codes can be used to get discounts on your submissions on Audition Fox.

After you have added items to your cart, click on My cart on the top of your screen.  Click on the link called “Apply a promo code” and enter your code in the text box.  Then click on the Checkout button to process your code.

Your cart bill will be updated to reflect the appropriate discount.  Note that you cannot combine multiple promo codes for the same purchase.